Collaborations with artists, the glass masters and craftsmen are very important the good path of Leggende di Vetro.
Alone you can not progress and synergy between really is winning creative skills and ideas for creating beautiful and original things.
Believe in my intuition and trust that the meeting comes just at the right time is an awareness that rewards me because I really met special people.

Nicola Girello, a young illustrator, has created many illustrations for Leggende di Vetro.
Even before we met in person, I told him about my inspirations to translate into design and he has interpreted in an almost telepathic my thoughts.
Many designs are registered and exclusive to Leggende di Vetro.


Leonardo Cimolin was born in 1971; today he lives in Mira, a small town near Venice.
Son of Venetians, since his childhood he has always been a culture- and Venetian glass-lover.
When he was still very young, he began his artistic path accompanied by a master of Murano glass.
He started his career using the glass with glass chopsticks , called “processing lamp work glass”, then he worked with the famous Murano furnace and in this way he could assist many international artists who were interested in creating works with Murano glass.
His support to the international artists has been both technical and manual .
The partnership between me and Leonardo is strong.
The union of the glass works made by Leonardo with my imagination and inspiration gave birth to real art works to wear, with special colors and an unique geometric cut.


Barbara Dini is an artisan master jewelery who works in Anghiari in the province of Arezzo, meeting her was a lucky encounter.
Barbara is a beautiful and sunny person, I felt an affinity with her feelings when I met her. He has made the details in the original silver for the realization of some glass jewelry I had imagined and that only through its cooperation I made.


Cristina Checchetto has made important photos for Legends of Glass, is an eclectic and dynamic photographer who brought my necklaces in natural environments in which I myself am in harmony and they should not be my creations and she took this aspect.
It has considerable expertise and original in guiding the attention to details of particular pieces that just through photography lay bare their details that the naked eye does not easily capture.


Muriel Balensi realized in the Island of Murano glass beads and charms me his personal way of enclosing into a microcosm of a glass bead made of sinuous shades of colors and experimenting with shapes inspired by sacred geometry.
When I had the idea to create the jewelry line dedicated to Abruzzo landscapes I contacted her and profound empathy has been established between us. Muriel has created glass beads that become one with the landscape I have described and observing the beads on photographs mimicry that results is surprising.
Also for the line zodiac signs I used pearls Muriel Balensi.