LdV immagine Fenice-minI was a girl and I left by train from Padua and I went wandering through of the Venetian Calles.
I was amazed and I still am amazed to discover new corners of the magical city on the water.
Between Venice and Murano I lingered to watch mesmerized the gestures of the master glassmakers.
Smell of the lagoon and sea air, fire, sea wind, sand, physical sensations and soul.
My creative nature and a little ‘visionary to put to the test by inventing and designing clothes I did realize for myself and I composed for myself glass jewelry and amulets.
One day, returning from one of my solitary rounds I made the decision that began to change my life. It was time to launch my business.

I started to prepare even jewelry for other women.

After watching many times the work done by several glassmakers I realized that each of them has its own unique style and technique. This is a wonderful thing because according to the type of jewelry that I wish to make know what pearl where I have to look for it.
To learn and experience it is never done all my life, and I continue to experiment and also to take new ways to learn new things about the jewelry.
There are simple steps and complicated and difficult phases, as in all paths.
One thing is certain, the dreams can come true, and every new experience is a rebirth for me, I always felt a little phoenix.

Phoenix is the necklace (the model for which I deposited) made that I designed and created to open the first page of Leggende di Vetro, because it is a symbol in which is enclosed my essence.