Welcome to www.leggendedivetro.com pursuant to Legislative Decree No. 196 of June 30, 2003 You are strongly invited to read our Privacy Policy document which is applied in case of access and consultation of our site regardless of whether the purchase is finalized An integral part of this document are the General Conditions of Use with references to privacy and security.

Personal data will not be passed on to third parties unless required by law or in relation to a legal right or proceeding or for the execution of the product sales process. Personal data are processed with appropriate electronic tools and security measures by Leggende di Vetro Bijoux by Silvia Parisse “which is required to respect the confidentiality of the information processed.

Ownership of the treatment

The data controller collected through www.leggendedivetro.com is Silvia Parisse, Italy, Via G.Levorin 67 35127 Padova Italy hereafter referred to as www.leggendedivetro.com It will be www.leggendedivetro.com that will decide the purposes and methods of data processing in addition to the security measures in relation to data aimed at their protection.Provision of
mandatory or optional data.

Not all the data that www.leggendedivetro.com requires are required.

The data marked with an asterisk (*) are required. Should they be omitted for any reason, this will prevent www.leggendedivetro.com from executing all those reports that necessarily require these data (eg sales contract, customer support …).

All data that do not bear the asterisk (*) must be considered OPTIONAL and their omission does not imply any impediment.

The processing of your data

Your data is used only for the purchase of products and assistance products. For purely indicative purposes your data are processed for:

• receipt of orders, evasion of the same and related related activities;

No data should be detrimental to the image and reputation of www.leggendedivetro.com as well as being contrary to morality, discriminating on the political, religious, racial and sexual orientation. It should not incite violence, pornography, pedophilia and illegal activities.

In all these cases and in cases deemed contrary to the law www.leggendedivetro.com will be entitled to delete all data without any communication.

What the legislation provides

You are always entitled to know which data concerning you are processed and the origin of the same but you are also entitled to obtain from www.leggendedivetro.com:

1) updating, modification and integration of your data;

2) cancellation of data;

3) transformation into anonymous data for those that are not necessary for the purposes for which they were collected;

You can express your total and / or partial refusal to the processing of your personal data for activities related to the purpose for which they were collected or for any advertising or commercial promotional activity.

These rights can be exercised by sending an email to info@leggendedivetro.com or by sending a registered letter to Silvia Parisse Via G.Levorin 67 35127 Padova Italy.

Navigation data

Some personal data, the transmission of which is implicit in the use of internet transmission protocols, are collected in anonymous format, only to allow the regular operation of the site, and deleted after processing, under no circumstances processing data are widespread . The site is  hosted on Noamweb’s servers, with registered office in Via Catanzaro 3 95030 Mascalucia CT Italy

The security

www.leggendedivetro.com is active to minimize each risk of loss and / or damage, total or partial, of the data in our possession as well as is always vigilant so that there are no unauthorized accesses. The commitment of www.leggendedivetro.com does not guarantee, however, that the above can happen and we allow you to suggest that your hardware is equipped with software for data protection and antivirus as well as it would be appropriate for your internet provider is equipped with all the measures necessary for data transmission.

External links and cookies

www.leggendedivetro.com prepares, within its online activity, links to websites external to the same www.leggendedivetro.com

These are used only to facilitate online search and user navigation. www.leggendedivetro.com is not liable for the contents of these external sites to www.leggendedivetro.come the links themselves should not be understood in any way as a recommendation of www.leggendedivetro.com to navigation and to any other activity in these.

What is indicated in this Policy is not applicable to sites outside of www.leggendedivetro.com and we can not be held responsible for content, rules or requests from these websites.

We therefore invite you to read carefully what is expected of these external sites regarding privacy and personal data processing.

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You can delete cookies on your computer by selecting your browser options but this may prevent you from viewing certain offers and / or communications.

How to disable cookies?

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