ABRUZZOOutdoor living in the beauty of nature is the best way to listen to my emotions and get the inspiration for the creation of jewelry
I am surprised myself of certain intuitions that come to me and when I sit down at his desk preparing what I have previously displayed.
I feel an important connection to the land where my father was born, the region “Abruzzo”.
Of this land I have many memories of my childhood and I really love its unspoiled landscapes, the simplicity that you breathe, a land between sea and mountains, and lunar landscapes rich in vegetation, villages perched on the rock and hermitages.
This is the reason that led me to conceive the jewelry collection called “Abruzzo” in the fall and winter seasons.
ABRUZZO1Even a walk to the sea gives me the preciousness like small shells, so small that I was able to put them inside a blown glass pearl.
This becomes a kind of amulet, which carries the divine proportion of nature.
I often like to photograph the jewelry in a natural setting, flowers, tree trunks, rocks, snow, grass, sea, sand, are the best allies to better express the sense of the jewel that realizable.