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Sweet Geometries

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alt= sweet geometries sugary necklace

Sweet Geometries, multicolored glass beads inserted in this necklace have a geometric shape and a special colour because they were been submitted to a special manufacturing called “dipping in sugar”.

I have chosen them in different tones in order to create a funny contrast in colours.

Moreover I have matched rhombus-shaped ones to circle ones in a harmonious game.

Finally I have chosen even the metal details in a geometric shape.

This jewel can be used in every season, whit a suit or with a t-shirt and jeans.

You will be always perfect and personal.

Technical Information:

Three circles colored Murano glass

Six colored beads made of Murano glass
Red bead Murano glass with signature designer
Locking hook 925 nickel free

The chain and metal components are non-allergenic. adjustable


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