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Romantic Venetian Symphony choker

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(Italiano) alt=romantica sinfonia veneziana

The Romantic Venetian Symphony choker is part of a basic product line of “Leggende di Vetro”.

alt=romantica sinfonia veneziana

The name “violino” is given to the three milky white beads of Murano glass with an external gold leaf.

The central bead has a milky white heart wrapped in amethyst striations and a gold leaf dipped into avventurine glass flakes. Transparency and brightness result from the external coating of crystal.

The little beads with gold leaf inside named “conterie” are a precious uniqueness of the glass production of the island of Murano. Today they are no longer manufactured and the remaining ones are part of a stock obviously destined to depletion.

In combination: earrings, upon request.

Technical details:

3 beads of Murano glass, “Violino”

1 bead of Murano glass with a shade of amethyst

2 little beads of Murano glass, milky white.

5 freshwater pearls

Gold “conterie”

Nickel-free silver clip and other small components


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