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Blow and Azurite Necklace

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The seven beads of Venetian glass that I choose for this necklace Blow and Azurite were originally flat, but the glassmaster has transformed them through his blow in the soft and voluptuous shape of the blown glass.

They are not smooth to the touch, you can feel and see from their rifled matte surface.

As it is almost always my style I choose them of various chromatic shades, and imagining the composition that I wanted to create I had an intuition: I alternated them with a precious mineral, similarly opaque and irregular on its rough surface and of blue color that goes well with the colours of Venetian beads.

It’s the azurite, a mineral known since ancient times, also used in painting and important support in meditative states because it is linked to the so-called “third eye”: it stimulates the desire of high knowledge.

When approached to the body the azurite acts as a revitalizing agent. It also improves communication and therefore it is also suitable for women who play a management role or that often speak in public.

The result that I got is a harmony of preciousness between mineral nature and glass art, a delicate and mystical union of elegance and utility.

Technical details:
7 beads of Murano blown glass
4 beads of azurite
10 perforated little balls in nickel-free silver Nickel-free silver clip and chainlet
Length: 62 cm. Adjustable


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