2017 has just started and when I get up in the morning while sipping my first cup of coffee I look through the things I have to do in order to finish the jewels I started last year.

Beyond a reminder, it is a promise to myself and to my jewellery- making which is part of my life indeed.

Yes, of course because when you have an artistic business of goldworking to run the idea of “work” is completely different.

It is a mixture of passion and commitment with no limits of time , often seven days out of seven. You can feel tired of course , even intensely, but most of the time tiredness melts into the satisfaction of what you get at last.

There are, of course, moments of discomfort
and anger when, after hours and days devoted to it , you find out that the result is not what you expected. You are not happy with that so you would throw everything away. But it’s a matter of hours. (Then you take the helm again and sail away.) Then you go back to work and restart again.

Sharing this experience with other craftsmen is crucially important. We support each other, we can exchange ideas and balance each other. Even though we work in different fields perhaps you have to create network among them.

The past year has surely been full of meetings in this direction, from the beginning until the end.


Starting with the event in #Scanno (in the Abruzzo region) dedicated to the wedding style, along with the Roman salon of the stylist Stefania Cavalieri and several other places and events, new relationship and professional collaborations have been established while the earlier ones have strengthened, both from the professional and human point of view.


My thread – along which my pearls are flowing – leads me in places and situations that I would never have imagined.

Pearls lead me, just like children marbles. They run along a track never known before.

Pearls make me discover it little by little ,underway , as the game of life.

Every place is a surprise.
Every brand new client I come across is a new soul to be seen through and a new style to be discovered. Every style must be understood and interpreted in order to create a suitable jewel.

roma salotto stefania 2016 6


 roma salotto stefania 2016 3

roma salotto stefania 2016 2






“A meeting of talents in different disciplines that has given birth to a complete handiwork of dresses, jewels, hairstyles, photos and art of dance. The idea «The salon of Stefania Cavalieri» is wonderful: it is a dream that came true for all participants of her salon and it is at the same time the starting point for a plethora of many professional collaborations.” These were my remarks when I returned from Rome in May last year, and they are still the same now in 2017.



Stefania and I first met in Scanno one year ago on the occasion of an event, lasted several days, dedicated to the theme of wedding.

She was displaying her seamstress creations and I was presenting my jewels.

We immediately appreciated each other and perceived that we could do something together.

In May my suitcase full of jewels was being opened in «The salon of Stefania Cavalieri».

The models were wearing jewels and dresses in perfect tune, though they did not know in advance all the things that each of us, artisans, were bringing there. I mean that if you have a lot of samples very different from each other it is always difficult to plan everything and at the last minute many changes of programme occur and this is the magic of live performances.
Photos make it more of these lines: perfect tune among the colours of fabrics the glass of beads and perfect harmony among delicate silk cloths and light blown pearls.

A successful experiment/ event, I would dare to say.

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