Glass and Zen is a jewel to which I am particularly fond of because I have conceived in a truly meditative emotional situation.

The ceremony of thé island of San Giorgio in Venice has excited and inspired me.

In my studio I picked up the white and black glass bead that one day I recovered in the forge of a master glassmaker in Murano.
“Wrong bead”, born by chance by an experiment of his creative path.

He was once asked Bodhidharma to give a definition of Zen.
He thus replied:
It is a special transmission outside the scriptures, is independent of words and letters, points directly to the human spirit, a contemplating his own nature. “

So strange because only the pearl is slightly curved, a smooth side and the other with small grooves that provide the touch and sight an interesting sensation thanks to the light-dark horizontal lines can evoke something ancient.

The opacity of the surface and the color reticence of black and white, they immediately reminded me of the uniquely Japanese essence, a kind of artistic asceticism.

So I decided to match this unique stone of the full glass glossy pearls, to create a bright contrast, albeit with cold sober and neutral colors.

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