I’ve always been curious about the features of the twelve Zodiac signs and this is probably the reason why in my life I’ve met a lot of people, some of whom have become my friends, dealing with astrology and esotericism. Zodiaco

It is well known that things happen only apparently by chance, and you could write a lot about this topic. These contacts for me have been an inspiration to create Zodiac jewels.

A lot of times I have been asked to create jewels of glass beads dedicated to the Zodiac.
So I thought to create “my way” a set of twelve pieces with glass pearls of special shapes and chromaticities linked to the signs of the Zodiac.

One afternoon I was in Muriel Balensi’s workshop in Murano and while in her courtyard I was admiring the pearls she had made which were shining under the sunlight I started, as in a game, to think: «This bead is related to the sign of Pisces, that one to Sagittarius, and so on…». The only way to make necklaces dedicated to the Zodiac – I said to myself – is creating them in my usual, personal style: pieces born from the spontaneity of the moment and often unique. Pieces to be worn feeling them resonating in perfect harmony with yourself.

Each of us is an unrepeatable and unmatched matrix: a unique jewel dedicated to your Zodiac sign is worn just like an amulet.

Colours have an important, very important, influence on our sensations, on the psychological aspect. Each of us has a favorite colour, a lucky colour or simply a colour with which we are fine. For this reason I focused my attention on the harmony of the several colours within the glass beads. In some cases I have focused on the particular shape of the beads that recalls a certain kind of symbology as in the case of Gemini and Libra.

I listened to the subtlest perceptions of my soul, guided by my instinct and from the information I have interiorized about the Zodiac signs.

The Zodiac signs are twelve but people are countless and unique. You may look like someone else under some aspects, but each one is a unique being and those who want to get out of the schemes and find originality will probably choose an accessory other than the usual ones.

I dedicated a red heart with golden nuances to the exuberant, brave, strong and sensual woman of the Fire sign of ARIES.




I dedicated the transparency of glass in the shades of green, brown, yellow (colours of nature that transmit calm and tranquility) to the practical and affectionate woman of the Earth sign of TAURUS.

For the woman of the Air sign of GEMINI, intuitive, intelligent and imaginative, I choose a glass bead that is a kind of creative experiment: enwinds around itself generating two parts of itself.




For the woman of the Water sign of CANCER I choose a bead as transparent as the water with delicate shades inside just as small suspended figures, because sensitivity, receptivity, aspiration towards purity are the characteristics of this sign.

I choose beads of the colour yellow, a shade of high aspirations, for the Fire sign of LEO, generous and strong, ruled by the Sun.





For the woman of the VIRGO, Earth sign ruled by Mercury, altruistic, conscientious and with a sharp critical sense, I choose a greyblue bead that inspires me equilibrium, rationality and discretion.

I joined a bead as transparent as the air to the Air sign of LIBRA, a sign characterized by sociability and ability to adapt, for a woman who is able to feel unconditional love. The shape of the bead struck me because it is composed of two almost identical conical elements. Some pink beads, the colour for excellence of Libra, surround the main pearl.

Red and black are the colours I choose for the Water sign of SCORPIO, sign of the deep insights, fascinating and mysterious. For the Scorpio death and rebirth are a constant of which it makes a symbol of life, just like a Phoenix.

To the traveler and adventurous woman of the Fire sign of SAGITTARIUS, optimistic and dynamic, who flings an arrow towards the sky to reach distant places, always in search of new experiences, I dedicate a pearl with shades from blue to emerald green with a touch of red fire.




To the Earth sign of CAPRICORN, reserved and balanced, honest, tenacious and flexible, I propose a satin bead with shades of brown and some shades of gold and dark red. A pearl of glass in which I hear the Capricorn season resound as well as the sense of concreteness that connotes this sign.

To the woman of the Air sign of AQUARIUS, who is born in the coldest period of winter, with abstract personality, imaginative and reliable, with open and expansive mentality, eager to share, I dedicate a bead with shades of blue-gray that resembles a drop, the ice dripping from the jar that appears in the iconography of the sign.





The woman of the Water sign of PISCES, feminine and imaginative sign, capable of rebuilding a new order from chaos, is represented by a pearl of the shape I have associated with a sinuous fish.





The adventures of «Leggende di Vetro» linked to the Zodiac signs will continue along the thread of other jewels made with beads of the most varied shapes and colours.

Drawings of the Zodiac signs made by «Nicola Girello Illustrator»’s creative hand accompany the jewel and may become the symbol image of our sign in the form of a small picture in the house or as a bookmark for the readings we love to bring with us. http://nicolagirelloillustrator.blogspot.it/ 


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