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How does the blue differ from the other colours? In the fact that the blue is similar to the sea, the sea is similar to the Vault of Heaven, the Vault of Heaven is similar to the Throne of Glory.” (Sefer ha-Bahir, Book of Brightness, 12th century)

The shades of blue of this jewel  and the transparency of the Venetian glass beads give us an immediate sense of serenity, the same serenity we feel when our gaze rests on the horizon strip where sky and sea meet.

alt=sky sea

The two elongated and arched beads that embrace the neck have a silver leaf externally applied just to reproduce the sparkle of the water mirror.

My decision to include in the composition different shades of blue, a transparent white bead and an emerald green one, is not random: it’s part of my way of expressing with the glass material the visions and sensations caused inside me by a reality of changing colours like those of the sea and of the sky. Everything is changing and variable, nothing is static and this jewel well tells it, according to me.

A choker perfect for summer to show off – for instance – at a party on the beach but also for winter to return with your mind to the gentle whisper of the sea.

Technical details:

4 beads of Murano blown glass

2 small tubes of Murano blown glass

5 little balls in nickel-free silver with rhodium

Nickel-free silver clip, chainlet and logo

Length: 41 cm. Adjustable


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