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(Italiano) alt=STRIPES OF GLASS

Five curved pipes in blown Venetian glass are the theme of this necklace “Stripes of glass”  that is a unique piece. As a matter of fact it is very difficult to replace these beads.
When I started my work with them I felt very happy.

I have thought to alternate the colours of these beads and to put a different beautiful green bead in the center of the necklace to create a surprise effect.


The uniqueness of the necklace is a gift for you and a legend in itself, between narcissism and love for past.

I wonder if someday somebody in the future will be able to revive these beads.

Technical details:

Murano blown glass beads

Little separating rings of hypoallergenic brass (silver colour)

Nickel-free silver clip

Length: 57 cm. adjustable


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